USF alumni and Student participating in mentor program.


There are numerous ways for alumni to participate with the USF community. Find what’s right for you!

Mentor Program

The USF Mentoring Program brings alumni and students together in a personalized mentoring relationship. Alumni can participate as a mentor (to a student or alumni), a mentee (supported by a fellow alumni), or both.
The program is free and fully online, so that alumni located around the world can participate.

Participants use the online platform to create profiles, get matched, schedule meetings, and attend training workshops.

Start Here! It’s easy and user-friendly:

  1. Go to USF Mentoring
  2. View the introductory videos, Program Overview, and Mentoring Fundamentals to learn the basics.
  3. Create your profile by clicking the “Create your Mentoring Profile” button. Choose topics that are within your industry experience or expertise, and select your mentor focus area. You can also set up your calendar of availability (mentors are required to offer at least one hour a month) and select your status (mentor, mentee, or both). If you choose both, you will have the opportunity to mentor students, as well be mentored by other alumni.
  4. Register for Mentoring Orientation and Skill Building for Mentors workshops (via the “Upcoming Workshops” button). Choose the session most convenient for you. (Note: If you cannot make any of the scheduled live webinars, please contact Melissa Eastman at for a link to the video.) Throughout the mentoring relationship, additional workshops will be provided to experience and discuss with your mentee.These include:
    • Skill Building for Mentors
    • Propelling Your Career with Mentors and Sponsors
    • Networking with Intention
    • Learning to Lead Through Mentoring
    • The Art of Negotiation
  5. Once you created your profile, availability, and are fully orientated, please take some time to utilize the multiple resources on the site, such as the Mentoring Basics Blog Series, Templates, and Frequently Asked Questions.

Next Step: Don’t worry if you do not get a student match immediately. New student mentees are scheduled to join the program in September and January, but the first step is to get all the mentors ready! In the meantime, this is a great time to connect with other alumni through this platform.

Volunteer Service Projects

There are always opportunities on campus (and in the community) to step up and make a difference. USF students participate in service projects throughout the year and alumni can participate in a number of ways. Find the opportunity that speaks to you and fits your schedule.

For opportunities, contact us:

Office of Alumni Relations
260-399-8032 or

Alumni Association Cabinet

The USF Alumni Association Cabinet serves the Alumni Association and the university through the Office of Alumni Relations. The Cabinet functions as an advisory voice representing the diverse populations and interests of USF alumni. Though not a policy-making body, it provides a means for alumni and members of the community to contribute to the university’s welfare by
initiating, facilitating, and participating in programs that foster continued support.