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Show your support by making a gift online. Our new online giving system is fast and easy. Your gift will help make a positive impact and provide the University of Saint Francis with the means to change lives, communities, and how the world is shaped every day.

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The USF General Fund provides flexible support for the university to fund the most pressing needs on our campus from student support services and scholarships to electricity bills and building maintenance.

Campaigns & Special Projects

You can ensure our students benefit from a rich educational environment by supporting one of USF’s capital priorities and special projects.


The need for student scholarships has never been greater. State and federal support is shrinking and the gap between financial aid and tuition is on the rise. Privately-funded scholarships for students are helping to bridge this gap for 98% of USF students. You can help a student afford a textbook and pay for their next class when you make a gift to student scholarships today.

USF School of Choice

The University of Saint Francis offers degree and certificate programs in four academic schools and in Crown Point, Indiana. When you choose to invest in one of USF’s academic schools, you can be sure that you have a direct impact on programs and support for our students.

USF Athletics

Our students are not only champions in their pursuits academically and through service to their community, but also on the track, field, and court. Student athletes develop discipline and leadership skills through rigorous training and competition, all the while supported by a community of teammates, coaches and faculty advisors. You can ensure the achievements of our athletes continue to provide inspiration and rallying points for the campus and the Fort Wayne community.