The Phonathon is an annual program where University of Saint Francis students contact potential alumni donors through phone calls to obtain gifts for the annual fund.

What is the Annual Fund?

The annual fund is a yearly campaign that provides support to USF from alumni and friends.

USF Alumni Phonathon

Advantages of Participating in Phoneathon

  • Opportunity to join your fellow alumni in supporting current students in the way of scholarships.
  • Opportunity to speak with current USF students and find out about your alma mater.
  • Opportunity to update your address, phone and email information to ensure that you are receiving the latest information regarding upcoming events.
  • Opportunity for USF to keep in touch with all alumni who will always be part of the USF family.


  • Phonathons occur in the spring and fall.
  • You can give credit card information via the phone when you are speaking to the USF caller.
  • You can also make a gift today by calling our Office of Institutional Advancement at 260.399.8007.
  • Phoneathons enable us to work with current students to help them gain résumé-quality experience.